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Is Cowin E7 worth the Price?

Cowin headphones cannot be grouped with the other headphones made for pure music and games, but they are good for audio enthusiast and gamers and also perfect for traveling. The headphones are inexpensive, and according to the features, they offer the Cowin E7 is worth the price. There are other headphones with the same features, and they cost much more than Cowin headphones. So what are this features that make the Cowin E7 worth the price? They are designed for comfort and give a remarkable experience as you listen to your favorite tunes.

The first thing is that the headphones have an active noise canceling feature. This technology allows you to switch off the noise in the surrounding with just a flick. This way you have the ability to exclude yourself from the noise in the surrounding and concentrate solely on the gaming or the music. The headphone also features a killer battery. The battery is impressive, and it can listen to music for up to thirty hours. When you have the headphone fully charged, you will relax comfortably knowing that you are covered fully, and you will not run out of charge anytime soon.

The other thing is that the headphone has a quick charging and fast fuel. This means that you will not stay without the headphone for so long. You can charge the headphone for 10 minutes, and it will serve you for one hour. When the battery is full, you will use the headphone for the whole day.  The headphones have no strings or wires since they have an inbuilt Bluetooth. The only thing you need to do is to pair up with a mobile device. The convenience features, comfort, and lightweight design make it outstanding. These features also make then a great design to use at home and also in the office.

The headphone is also made with a custom comfort feature. The ear cup pads are designed with super soft materials and are flexible such that you can wear them comfortably. The headband of this E-7 headband has a lining that is softly padded for more comfort and can be adjusted just to fit anyone. The drivers have a 40 mm aperture that means that it can deliver more audio frequencies. With the headphones, you will reach high-end frequencies and accurate bass for the remarkable sound experience.

Finally, the headphones will make it easy for you to travel around with. The ear cups can twist to even to 90 degrees. This is an important peculiarity especially when you are packing the headphone for a journey and even for storage. The convenience features have been fitted well, and thus you can play or pause music, track skip and adjust volumes more easily. It is also very easy to switch out and in the canceling mode of the active voice. It is very fast to pair the headphone with the audio device and most especially when you use the near-field communication touch and pair functions.